About Me

My first experience with the Stock-markets was in 1977. I studied everything I could on Timing and Cycles in the Markets, including Gann, Andrews, Bayer, Baumring, Astrology, Geometry, etc. I have had over 1000 hrs of personal training in these subjects, along with risk management and personal option training from numerous market makers. I have been a private trader since then with a specialty in “PRICE and TIME”. I have developed a unique “PRICE AND TIME” technique over many years so that a higher return can be realized over multiple market relationships and a larger roster of markets to choose from. Focusing on “TIME” gives my trading a robust and “FORWARD VIEW” of not only entrance but also the size, range and time associated with each move therefore maximizing return. I have mentored group and forum trading sessions from 1994 to 2000 with 400 members, introducing these sessions as a confluence of trading techniques, showing over 4000 charts in live trading sessions.