Mentoring Package

Services That I Provide To My Students:
At least 3 ways of support/resistance that I use
How to trade them by themselves
How to construct CIT
How to use basic 5 count wave structure
How I use stops
My personal bar count
Chart harmonics and how to construct
How to day trade
Range for the day
Time for the day
Indicators to use
How to use my indicators
Give and discuss studies that are written for Multi Charts
Time cycles
How to use time
How to filter time
Software to construct
Doing master cycles for the year
Doing cycle for years interested in

How to put it all together
How to use the confluence to see the trading picture
How to enter swing from day trade
How to use bar counts into trade
How to view confluence into time

Follow up of questions, charts etc. after training

+++ The TNA/SILVER “SEMI AUTO SYSTEM” (which can be used for any market) is
taught to students who have taken the mentoring and is offered
as an add on!+++


I accept a limited number of students a year as I enjoy teaching and it keeps my trading sharp as I stay with them for 2 months after I teach them. I am showing them my trading, charts, answering questions etc. If you feel you are interested please fill out the below questionnaire and we can talk once I get a feel for where you are at! Once I can go back and forth with you on these questions and I have a feel, I would suggest we talk on the phone and then get a feel for each other! As I stated I go through time, S/R, chart setup, day and swing trading, indicators etc. Basically I show you how to get to the trade! I want my students successful, it’s a personal thing to me and as you already know you can never be highly successful without time! Please make your answers as detailed as possible! – Joe D.


1) How long have
you been trading and what techniques do you use to make trading decisions? Are you new to trading?

2) Are you
interested in learning a trading plan or just solving a particular problem?

3) Have you taken
instruction before, from whom and what was the result?

4) If you trade now
are you consistently profitable?

5) When are you
available for class work?

6) How much time do
you have to dedicate to learning?

7) What markets do
you trade? Do you have live data? What software do you use?

8) Do you day
trade, swing trade or long term trade/invest?

9) How did you hear about this site? Which blogs do you

10) Include FULL name,
address and phone number along with skype contact!
Make sure all are included for consideration!